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Equal Opportunities in Education for Children with ADHD

Publish date:
16/01/2015 - 8:55am
Last updated:
16/01/2015 - 11:53am
Clockwork Chilli

We aim to enable children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to learn regular school subjects in an easy and fun way. Research indicates significant benefits in motivating children at school through computer games related to curriculum subjects (Yu 2014, Papastergiou 2009, Rosas 2003). When playing computer games, children with ADHD perform similarly to typically developing children and perform equally even in the Conners's Continuous Performance Test when the test is presented to them in the form of a game (Shaw, 2005). We want to create an online platform for the distribution of games, specifically tailored to ADHD children, which closely relate to history, geography, literature and maths subjects, integrating mini games and true facts. The games, designed with school teachers and working closely with experts in education, will encourage children to focus and improve self-control, directing and sustaining their attention while learning school subjects. This product is compatible with nearly all devices (including mobiles and tablets), providing a cost-effective and convenient learning process. Learning can be tracked by parents, teachers and children themselves. It can be customised and updated, and provides constant tracking of a child’s progress. It is a product that gives children with ADHD equal opportunities in education and further life.

Insight & Impact

Two focus groups of 5 parents and children with ADHD gave us an in-depth understanding of the problems, to plan an effective product that is appealing to children with ADHD. To develop and measure the product’s impact and performance we have been working with Ms Kinnair (teacher and shareholder of Clockwork Chilli) to establish a collaboration with Southmoor Academy in Sunderland (with a higher than average number of students with special educational needs). Both our company directors have a strong interest in developing games for children with special needs. In 2009 they started the 'Limbs Alive' Project which won the First Prize in Health Awards NHS Innovation North. Dr Sara Graziadio (director) has a PhD in developmental neuroscience and has been working with kids with disabilities for several years. Currently, teaching to Children with ADHD in the UK is largely based on practical experience - learning by doing. But every child requires a different time frame and creative revision techniques to be engaged and learn. Our software would serve as additional help for parents and teachers to educate children and help them keep up with typically developing children. This product will strongly support the overall learning process, and actively tracking children concentration it will make it possible to control their impulsiveness, leading to better attention and learning.