Innovation for Independence

Intelligent home energy local area network system; eLansys

Publish date:
16/01/2015 - 11:50am
Last updated:
16/01/2015 - 12:01pm

Despite all the advances in technology to date, we still manually switch the power back on, when a light blows or circuit is overloaded. Which happens when we least expect. We want to know when the oven, iron or even hair straighteners are left on and spend unnecessary time checking everything is off. We particularly need to know if there is potential of an electrical fault, in particular one that could lead to damage or fire and if the power fails we want to take the required actions. eLansys is developing a networked system using patented technology and products that directly replace existing circuit breakers and fuses with an intelligent switch; that integrates within the existing 'fuse box' and optionally UK plugs; with no specialist training or installation requirements, with no consumable parts such as batteries. eLansys allows users to be in control of their environment and safely interact/control their appliances and devices; with the ability of turning devices on and off remotely by a wide range of means, whilst monitoring and evidencing operation and usage and pro-actively preventing faults before they occur. eLansys can autonomously respond to a fault, with notification to required person's for assistance.

Insight & Impact

A close family friend, Mrs Maureen Moor, suffers with Scleroderma and is reliant on oxygen for breathing and finds it difficult to move, walk or stand, for which she receives home care and is assisted by her family and provided carers. Maureen requires a generator to provide her with oxygen 24/7, which is checked around once a year. If a fault occurs she has a button on her wrist to seek help and a large emergency oxygen canister that she can connect to, which she says is usually close to hand, but is not always practical with everything she needs. eLansys is able to continuously monitor and protect the generator, reporting any irregularities or deterioration in its operation to be checked. Upon any fault eLansys would autonomously notify the carers instantly. eLansys further evidences the actual power consumed by the generator, which is currently estimated and reimbursed monthly. eLansys will monitor and protect Maureen from the potential of wider electrical risks; including the electric blanket she uses, as she is chair bound. eLansys can also be developed to allow her to control her lights, close the curtains and turn off things; with one press when wanting to sleep.

Skills needed for this project

  • People with difficulties with inclusion to share their experiences or difficulties.
  • Collaboration with associations and other organisations