Innovation for Independence

Una Tickets; Improving access to online ticketing for differently abled users.

Publish date:
16/01/2015 - 9:53am
Last updated:
16/01/2015 - 11:00am

Una is a start-up ticket agency developing a game-changing system for the major live events industry. Our system abolishes ticket touting, counterfeit tickets and admin fees whilst providing the most inclusive ticketing system on the market. At present, disabled consumers often fail to get through the first hurdle of obtaining tickets for themselves and personal assistants due to the over-complicated, antiquated methods the ticket agents and venues currently use. We wish to incorporate accessibility features into our online system and give disabled customers the opportunity to become a member of Una and register their access requirements. The user will then gain access to standard and disabled tickets either online or over the phone to suit their requirements, and their details will then be passed onto the organiser of the event to ensure their needs are fully met. The key advantage of the Una system is that disabled customers only need to provide eligibility once and are not compelled to justify their access requirements with every venue or festival they wish to attend. Una will, therefore, provide a significantly improved service to the disabled community and relieve event organisers of the arduous administration task that is currently required for disabled ticketing.

Insight & Impact

We have partnered with Attitude is Everything, a charity dedicated to improving access to live music for the disabled community. In a report released by AiE in 2014, they stated, ‘95% of disabled gig-goers had experienced disability-related issues when booking tickets’ and ‘83% were dissuaded from buying tickets due to inaccessible booking systems.’ The report also found that whilst 75% of disabled people prefer to book tickets online only two out of ten venues offer online disabled ticketing, opting instead to sell accessible tickets through premium in-house telephone lines. With 31% of users claiming it takes ‘hours to book disabled tickets over the phone’, these statistics equate to 2.5m lost ticket sales. The report concluded, that to improve accessibility a universal proof of disability system such as Una’s is required. Along with the positive economic impact this system will incur, offering online ticketing means disabled users can buy tickets when they go on sale without relying on telephone booking lines, thus, significantly improving accessibility. Additionally, disabled users will not be forced to repeatedly prove their eligibility for tickets, which usually involves sending sensitive information to every event organiser. Improving accessibility will lead to more disabled people purchasing tickets and experiencing live music.

Skills needed for this project

  • Front-End Developer