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Finalist Updates #1 - Nimble: What do these 160 people around the UK have in common?

Publish date:
10/08/2015 - 1:27pm
Last updated:
10/08/2015 - 1:30pm

Nimble, the world’s first one handed package opener, is ready to be put through its paces! Find out who’ll be testing it and how their feedback will be used.


From across the UK over a hundred and sixty people who have never met are all waiting for the same thing.

They’re waiting for the world’s first one-finger package opener, Nimble, to arrive on their doorstep so they can start testing it!


And the best bit?

We’re almost ready to send the Nimble samples out. In fact we put together the first Nimble today from trial parts our manufacturer sent over. Take a look.

All of the parts fit together perfectly and it works like a charm. Well we think so anyway, hopefully the volunteer testers agree!


So who are these awesome testers?

The Nimble testers are a hugely varied bunch from as far north as Yorkshire and as far south as Devon who I either met personally or contacted over the last four months.

The Nimble testers are made up of disabled and non-disabled individuals of all ages, occupational therapists and other specialists too. Quite the mix! They’ve been waiting patiently whilst we figured out the finer points of the design and that patience is about to pay off.


What’s next?

Each volunteer tester will soon be sent a Nimble to use themselves on a day-to-day basis for a month. They will be asked to complete a short questionnaire both before and after this testing as well as keeping a daily diary of how they used Nimble.


What is this testing for?

This testing and the feedback it gives us – good and bad – will help us ensure that Nimble is developed to be the best product it can be and will give us a clear idea of the true positive impact it has on people's daily lives.


Then what?

After the testing is complete and all the feedback has been acted on we’ll be producing a second production run of Nimble 2.0’s on a much larger scale.

The ultimate aim? World domination! (Well sort of anyway)

Follow our progress with Nimble over on our blog at or like our page on Facebook here –




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Evelyn's picture
Hi Simon, have received my nimbles and I'm very pleased thank u. I will in due course buy more. Take care and God Bless.XX
Simon's picture
Hi Evelyn, I'm so glad to hear you got your Nimble okay and are enjoying using it! If there's anything I can help you with just let me know, you have my email :) Simon