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MAKE A WISH! What have you experienced or indentified that you think could be improved by the Inclusive Technology Prize? 

This could be anything related to your everyday life, for example, "I wish I had accessible gardening equipment" or something more blue-sky, "I wish I had gloves that make it possible for hearing people to hear sign language".

The purpose of the Wishlist is to capture people's real needs and issues, to inspire innovative ideas.

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sensing surroundings

lots of ideas from group discussions around sensory loss. wish for technologies to do the following Filter out background noise in shops Filter out glare in shops Filter out irritating music on TV programmes Adapted Spectacles that co-ordinate eye movement with dir

by diane lambert | 1

Fainting detection phone app

I wish there was a phone app that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect when someone has fallen (syncope, epilepsy, etc) and sends their GPS location and an alert to an emergency contact; or contacts the emergency services.

by mojiwa | 1

To travel to holidays family visits without having to take bulky equipment or hire equipment to hoist and transfer ect

More use of lightweight materials, plastics and carbon fibre and to be able to break down and easily assembably for transportation equipment. Also equipment that could have more than one use.

by davyg46 | 2

EMG Switch

A lot of individuals require switches for communication and access to technology. The problem is that there is no solution available to individuals who require a switch operated by very very small muscle movements..

by willwade | 1

Helping Alfie get a hand

My two year old son Alfie was born with out his right hand , we didn't know anything was wrong until he was born , i was beside myself with worry , but he's amazing little boy , who enjoys life to the max !!

by laverne_alfie | 3

An ask the OT app or Youtube Channel

Often it is difficult to speak with a professional such as an OT about basic aids or equipment that make daily living easier. An app to connect with trained advisers would be a huge help or an online video channel with hints and tips.

by Update Disabili... | 2

E-reader with voice commands

E-readers have really changed my life. I used to only muddle through a few books for pleasure a year because of the physical pain it caused my neck and head and the difficulty I had holding them open because of how my disability affects my hands.

by katress | 4

Vocal tuner indicator

Ok I singing, I have a nice voice, but as I'm deaf I can hearing whether the tuning is always right. It may not be possible but its worth mentioning if someone has got any ideas.

by maz | 1

Mobile Text Phone for the deaf

Well I am moderately deaf but can't use the phone, there are texts phones but not on a mobile phone, I know there is always a texting option but its still not like having a conversation and people at the other end often get bored with or it is inconvenient to type

by maz | 4


I have an illness called Hypermobility Syndrome, & also Fibromyalgia. These paired conditions leave me in constant pain, with a high risk of dislocation or subluxation of my joints, particularly the shoulders. My capacity for movement & self-carriage is impair

by James | 8